Cross Sell Advanced

Cross Sell Advanced
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What is Cross Selling??

Cross selling is a suggestive selling method where the shopowner offers customers the opportunity to purchase items related to the product they are viewing. 

Out the box, Zen Cart includes a "Customers who bought this product also purchased.." centerbox so that whenever a customer purchases an item, it looks and finds other customers who also purchased the same item and selects other products they purchased.

But what if the shopowner wanted to select specific related items to offer their customers? Advanced Cross Sell adds this exact kind of functionality.

Advanced Cross Sell has a graphical interface to quickly find products for cross selling. Set up to six (6) optional products per product for each Zen Cart product page. Additionally this module has an advanced cross sell user interface which allows the shopowner/administrator to setup all six (6) cross sells on the same screen using products numbers.

How Does Advanced Cross Sell Work??

The shop sells Walkmans. If the shopowner/administrator adds cross sell products to the Walkman product via the Advanced Cross Sell interfaces, the product page will now include a new centerbox. "we also recommend batteries, case cd's etc."

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